Perfect Match Double Show Weekend!

On Friday, Perfect Match will appear as part of $12 Two Free Pint Comedy Show. Four improvisers from past shows will return in costume and in character and do a long-form montage set. If you don't know what the means, it just a more specific way of saying "funny improv great time for all!"

Maddox Campbell as McGruff the Crime Dog
Chelsea Larkin as Carmela Soprano
Martha Stortz as Jessica Lovejoy
Jordan Kennedy as Anana

Show is 9:30pm at The Social Capital Theatre. $12 includes two beers or $5 for just admission.

On Saturday, its the Perfect Match proper. Eight characters in Four pairs chosen by the audience.

Matt Nadeau as Marty Huggins from The Campaign (film)
Quentin Matheson as Frank Underwood from House of Cards (TV)
Shohana Sharmin as Mindy Kaling (comedian)
Michael Mongiardi as Clippy – Microsoft Office (software)
Sean Tabares as Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat (video game)
Kevin Matviw as Dominic Toretto from The Fast and The Furious (film)
Alicia Douglas as Infectious Lass from the Legion of Substitute Heroes (comics)
Anne Goad as Julia Child from Julie & Julia (film)
Hosted by: Maddox Campbell

Saturday at The Social Capital Theatre 8:30pm, $5 at the door.