Perfect Match 2nd Annual Fringe Edition

On June 17th at 8:30 PM at The Social Capital Theatre Perfect Match with include 8 characters from 8 upcoming Toronto Fringe Shows. Get a small sample of their shows and then vote to pair them off for improv scenes. 

-Zohaib Khan
as The Fawn from And Then It Happened... (sketch)

-Kimberley Wells
as Raymonde Chandebise from A Flea in Her Ear (comedy play)

Kat Fogler
Adult Peter Pan from Alone in This Together (sketch)

St Stella
as Lysistrata from Lysistrata (burlesque play)

Samantha Chaulk
as Bride from Dear Uncle Wish (play)

Ryan Hughes
as Todd from Welcome to the Bunker! (comedy play)

Jennifer McKinely
as Al from Operation SUNshine (play)

Ada Balon
as Alexandra Russian Ultra-sound Tech from Singing to my Left Kidney (solo comedy)

Hosted by: Maddox Campbell