Quizdamonium - not your slightly older brother's pub quiz.

It is a monthly pub quiz show run out of The Social Capital Theatre every second Wednesday of the Month.

Sure, there will be general knowledge rounds. How else will we know how general your knowledge is? But prepare yourself to think outside the box with our specially devised, always changing novelty rounds. Solve a series of riddles. Draw us a picture of a dromedary. Maybe this month's music round will all be podcast theme songs. Maybe it won't because we've been told that's a really shitty thing to do.


It's PWYC, plus drink specials, plus PRIZES!

TEAM SIZE – due to the size of our tables, we recommend a maximum team size of 6 people. If you bring 7 we won't stop you, but 8+ consider undergoing mitosis and forming two teams.

DOORS: 7:30

Quizdamonium is co-production between Maddox Campbell and Andrea Miller done on behalf of The Social Capital and proudly sponsored by The Side Launch Brewing Company.

List of Past Novelty Rounds Includes:
Um, Actually... ( Find the mistake in the given statement )
Dumb Riddles (very dumb, but very riddle-y)
Pun Round (We give setup, you give punch line)
Time Travel Trivia (Answer the question as though it is a different year)
Oh My God (Name the god described)
Acronyms (What do they stand for)
Apocrypha  (You've always believed they are true, but they might be false)
Obsolete Science (Questions based on what we used to believe)
Lethal Quiz (Guess the lethal dose of the substance)
Lost in Translation (Can you recognize the common phrase after multiple passes through translator)
Movie Plots Explained Poorly (Name the film from the accurate but misleading description)
Who Said It? (Name who said this quote)
Balderdash (pick the true definition of the extremely obscure word)
Also Known As (questions about code names, aliases, and pseudonyms)
Look Around You (Questions about being observant to everyday things around you)
SAT Analogies (cat is to kittens as dog is to ______)
Book Plots Explained Poorly (Name the book from the accurate but misleading description)
Direct Translation (from other languages but what would English people say)
Adlines (product slogans)
Silent Film (Name the film from a clip with sound removed)
Once In A Lifetime (We name a famous person, you name one year they were alive)
Tribond (What do these three things have in common)
Timeline (Put these three historical events in order)
First Line (Tells us the book from the famous first line)
Fake Stuff (A round about fake materials from fiction and myth)
Anagram Capitals (guess the national capital from its anagram)
Family Feud (One hundred people surveyed, can you guess the most popular answer?)
This Song Is About What? (What is the hidden or lesser known meaning behind popular songs.)
TV Clips (Indentify the TV series from a 10 sec clip)
Numbers Game (What is special about this number or sequence?)
Riddles (classic riddles you may or may not have heard before)
Two Truths and a Lie (You are trying the guess the lie)
Last Lines (name the famous novel from the last line)
What Comes Next (name the next thing in a sequence)
Happy Holidays (name the holiday from the description)
Longenings (tell us the long version of common abbreviations, initialism and portmanteau)
Famous Rides (We describe a car, mount or ship and you tell us who drove it)
Life Expectancy (How long will a thing last.)
Famous First Lines  (We read the line you name the film) 
Technical Terms (you give us their everyday meaning)