Kicks and Gigglesis the creative creations of Maddox Campbell and his friends and collaborators. We have created videos, live theatre shows, and designed board games. The thing these very different things all have in common is our commitment to quality and comedy. We think comedy is a serious matter, and we plan to make you laugh, even if we have to kill a few puppies to do it.

To be clear, the above is a statement about our level of commitment and should not be misconstrued as an admission of guilt. No puppies have been harmed in the creation of any of our hilarious videos, our dazzling live shows, or our engaging board games.


Who's this Maddox Campbell guy?

He's an actor, writer, comedian, and producer based out of Toronto. Originally from New Brunswick, he studied at The University of New Brunswick achieving a Bachelor's of Arts (English/Theatre) and a Bachelor's of Computer Science. In 2009, he moved to Toronto to pursue a creative career. He studied with The Second City in the Conservatory Program for Improv and Sketch.

He performs and produces live comedy throughout Toronto and has appeared in Independent films (Quitter), webseries (Wheelhouse, No Boys Dorm), as well as some commercials (Metric) and small parts on television (Man Seeking Woman). His past Improv troupes include Huckleberry Funn, Rocket Hotdog, and The Winston Zeddemores. His past sketch troupes include The Naked Fridays Players and Interrobang. He produces Perfect Match and Quizdamonium monthly at The Social Capital Theatre. He edits and is a voice actor on Caverns & Comedians podcast.  He has also designed a table-top game, Storyboards.



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