Binge Watching You Sleep is a sketch revue that was staged on January 22 and 23, 2016 at the Buddies in Bad Times theatre in Toronto.

The world is hectic and complicated. It can be hard to slow down, relax, cuddle up on your sofa with popcorn and blankets, and watch someone else get 8 hours of uninterrupted rest. Even then you always have it nagging at the back of your mind that they might wake up and call you a creep. So instead relax by watching sketch comedy and peer into a world where you don't have to worry if the food you eat is unethical, or even mythical. Where union rules won't complicate a simple crime. Where your ability to sell cookies doesn't determine your self-worth. Because for one hour these and much more will be somebody else's problem.

Binge Watching You Sleep is a joint production of Daisy Productions and Kicks and Giggles.
Director: Maddox Campbell
Producer: Kelly Taylor
Written and Performed by: Kelly Taylor, Quentin Matheson, Laura Salvas, Korri Birch, Candace Meeks, and Spencer Thompson.

Thanks to everyone who came out! Visit to find out about other shows by Daisy Productions.