Kicks and Giggles Entertainment runs most of its projects at cost. Perfect Match ticket sales basically cover the stage rental and posters. Quizdamonium makes about as much as we drink in beer that night. Our podcasts Caverns and Comedians and Break A Wish have had the most costs in terms of equipment and we still end up borrowing half our equipment from our friend Scott over at (Thanks Scott).

The point is, we care about making high quality entertainment and getting it out there first and profits second. Which is a great formula for not having profits. If you could support us, it will make it easier for us to keep doing what we are doing and also bigger more ambitious projects as well.

Well you can support us by buying some branded merchandise. We have a store setup with TeePublic with multiple designs that look and feel great to wear. You can find it here:

If you’d like to Donate, you can tell us which project you want the money spent on when you donate. If not, we're still thankful that you've invested your time in us and hope you'll share whatever joy we've given you with some friends.