The Resistance Improvised is a improv comedy show loosely based on The Resistance board game.

Six members of the resistance, two secretly spies, will seek to take down the corrupt government of this dystopian future. Will their missions to destabilize the government lead to liberation, or will suspicion and paranoia take them down from the inside? This show combines all the fun of violent revolution with the hilarity of knowing some of your closest friends would sell you out in a heart-beat. It is a seriously funny show.

Our first show was on Saturday April 7th, 2018 8PM starring Jon Blair, Ryan Hughes, Shannon Lahaie, Kat Letwin, Carmine Lucarelli, Anne McMaster and directed by Maddox Campbell.

The Resistance returned August 27th, 2018 at 7PM at The Social Capital Theatre as part of the Toronto Celebration of Improv.

Future shows will be coming. More details to follow soon! 

The Resistance Improvised Draft 3.jpg