The Player Characters

Agata Stokys

Agata Stokys (Joanna Haughton)
the Human Cleric

Raised in blacksmithing by her legendary father, Agata thought her path was set until the God Helm called her into service. Smart and skilled, she rose through the ranks quickly, but her surly manner made her an outsider. Torn from her old life, and uncomfortable in her new life, she became an adventurer to do good and find meaning, preferably by the sword. Agata will heal you, but she'll call you an idiot for getting hurt in the first place. (premieres in Ep. 1)






Balgor (John Richardson)
the Human Barbarian

Balgor grew up in a small barbarian tribe. As a youth, someone tried to explain math to him and the ensuing confusion lead to his first berserk rage. He awoke hours later to find his entire tribe dead. Now, he travels the world trying to avenge the memory of that day, always hunting for the elusive math to destroy. In the meantime he tries to keep his rage and confusion in check. So for the good of the world, he tries not to think of anything...ever. (premieres in Ep. 1)




Finnick Fleetfoot

Finnick Fleetfoot (Oliver Georgiou)
the Lightfoot Halfling Rogue

Finnick is a born gambler and a talented conman who will take any challenge presented to him, big or small... very very small. He does not believe in limits, and makes up for his size with skill and sheer nerve. His thrill-seeking and petty crimes often land him in trouble, but his quick hands, natural stealth, and stupid luck have a way of cheating Darwin every time. (premieres in Ep. 1)






Fook Maddox Art Colour.jpg

Fook Wimbles (Scott Thrower)
the Gnome Paladin

Fook's entire village was killed by an evil sorceress who he roams the land trying to find and bring justice to. If only he could remember her name, or what she looked like... he's pretty sure she had hair. He also needs to remember where he is right now, what he's doing, and who all these people are. (premieres in Ep. 4)






Hank Brody

Hank Brody (Maddox Campbell)
the Human Wizard

Hank has worked for years as an utility mage for the city of Tudot. He fixes leaky pipes, ensures arcane channels are connected, and ensures the Ley Lines don't get out of alignment, which means he spends a lot of time in the sewer. He is fully certified with his W6 and a proud member of Utility Mage Union Local 416, but has recently been laid off due to the city bringing in more kobold labourers. (Premieres in Ep. 19)





Mawldar Sly

Mawldar Sly (Maddox Campbell)
the Tiefling Warlock

Mawldar is a talented investigator, but too creative with his conclusions which often gets him (fairly) labelled as a conspiracy theorist. He doesn't trust authority or the official story. He has allied himself with an other-worldly entity to gain magical powers and because he's pretty sure his mother was once abducted by aliens. (premieres in Ep. 1)





Snakey for site.jpg

Snakey (Leigh Cameron)
the Half-Elf Ranger

Snakey is a teenager from the town of Eberick, that existed 1000 years ago before Tudot was founded. Time travel was involved. She was an out cast in her town for loving dirt, hanging out with dangerous animals, and crying gnoll too many times. Despite this, she swore on her father's deathbed to hunt down any gnolls she could and protect Eberick. (premieres in Ep. 36)


Paul Piekoszewski as Magehand Ball Announcer (Ep 26)
The announcer calls the game of Magehand Ball and advertises for delicious Beef Mittens, official sponsor of Magehand Ball.

Nug Nahrgang as Morgrim Brownfist (Ep 28 - 29)
Morgrim Brownfist is a dwarf mercenary hired by The Cracked Pipe gang to keep the party on task as they delve into the dungeon under the Mage Handball stadium.

Carmine Lucarelli as Scorg the Warlock (Ep 40)
Scorg is an evil warlock working with The Empire seeking the same time magic Agata needs to return to the present.

Kat Letwin as Debbie the Outlaw (Ep 43 - 44)
Debbie is an outlaw smuggler who is the bane of highway patrol and universally loved by everyone else. She's just so damn cool.