Perfect Match at a new time.

Starting in July, Perfect Match will be shifting to 8:30pm. This is a new policy the venue is start to stagger the shows in its two theatres. Means we'll start a little later, but means it should be way easier to get to the bar to buy a drink before the show, so it's mostly a win. 

This won't effect the run time of the show which will still be about an hour, a little longer normally. 

Periodically Visits!

In a push to promote Caverns and Comedians coming out this Sunday, over the last month Maddox Campbell made two visits and Kyle Scott made one to Scott Thrower's Periodically podcast. Check out those appearances through the links below or just subscribe to Periodically on iTunes.

Caverns & Comedians has a release date!

Our new podcast, Caverns & Comedians will release its first episode on May 1st, releasing ne episodes bi-weekly after that. This podcast was created by Kyle Scott and Maddox Campbell. It a take on the D&D podcast format that edges closer to being a radio play, with almost all of the out-of-character table talk edited out. For more info:

"Binge Watching You Sleep" Opens Friday (and then happens again Saturday)!

The sketch revue "Binge Watching You Sleep" which is a co-production between Kick and Giggles and Daisy Productions is opening this Friday at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. If you want tickets in advance, click the link below. If you'd rather just show up, you can get tickets at the door if there are any left. But then you're taking chances, you rebel. 

Maddox appears on Learn Some Shit podcast for D&D

Derek Baldwin and Mark Zapata host the Learn Some Shit podcast where each episode they try to teach each other something they don't know. On their 10th episode, Maddox Campbell guest stars as their Dungeon Master to teach them how to play Dungeons and Dragons. No better way to learn then by doing. This is Maddox's first time in the DM chair too.

Find it on Soundcloud below, or where ever you normally get podcasts.

Website Online

Kicks and Giggles now has a website! This will be a one stop shop for all info about a Kicks and Giggles projects, including collaborations with other groups.

Currently, some of the content is hosted offsite, but you can still connect to it from here. For example, if you click on the "video" link on the navigation bar, it will take you to the Kicks and Giggles youTube channel.